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As Your Trees Mature, Problems May Arise.


They may become too large for the space.


They may cause loss of light or view.


They may develop weak or damaged branches and deadwood

They may become over dense, or succumb to an array of pest, disease or other disorders.


Hedges and screens seldom stay exactly as envisaged; as well as regular trimming, from time to time more extensive work may be required to restore them to a manageable size.


From time to time an inspection of your trees may be advisable: this may be safety related if an area where the public or young children are present; or to check on current condition and identify possible future problems - so often better treated at an early stage. You may simply wish to have your trees correctly identified!


Stumps sometimes regrow and are usually a nuisance as well as a potential source of infection - of Honey Fungus in particular, which can then spread to nearby healthy specimens


And then there is the problem of debris. As any gardener knows, pruning and felling can produce mounds of unmanageable waste.